Artificial stones are becoming extremely popular worldwide. The best characteristics of an artificial stone is that it is environmental friendly, safe, and has various styles and designs to choose from.

Our Translucent resin panel is a new and innovative material for interior design, it has the natural beauty of real stone, marble but overcomes their disadvantages, it is lightweight, easy to fabricate, like cutting, bending, forming etc, besides it is translucent, with light on the back, it shows its special veins, therefore, It is great alternative for glass, stone marble and other common materials.

That`s why it finds wide range of use in interior design, especially for: 

  1. Built-in wardrobes panels, showers, Staircase railing panels
  2. Kitchen splashbacks, door panels
  3. Partition walls and partitions
  4. Bar, counter and reception facings
  5. Wall and ceiling facings
  6. Bathroom wash-basin, sink, countertop
  7. Housing accessories, decorations, wall clock.